Arbre Vert Amazon Raid

The only adventure Raid reserved exclusively for women

Welcome to the 12th Arbre Vert Amazon Raid !

After Guyana, the Reunion, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Mayotte, Alexandre Debanne and Bruno Pomart are busy on site preparing another unforgettable Amazon Raid for you in Malaysia from November 19th to 28th.

Get to know the teams competing, see the pictures and read the stories of this adventure. Support the Raiders !!! Share the emotion, courage, solidarity and femininity of this 2013 Raid.

L'ARBRE VERT has obtained the label "Allergen Controlled" from the ARCAA ! 44 of L'Arbre Vert's cleaning products  have just been awarded the label "Allergen Controlled" - Premium level.

Malaysia 2013 trailer

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Next edition of Raid l'Arbre Vert in Malaysia (November 2013) !

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