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21th edition end of 2020

You wish to live an intense and unforgettable adventure in 2020 and to evolve in the middle of an intact nature to realize your feminine raid and to become an Amazons!

Sign up for the Amazons Raid by filling in your 'online' application form (even without any commitment on your part). You will then receive a confirmation email that will allow you to directly print your file with the pre-filled fields and you will have access to your own rules interface. It's quick and easy and you can modify your file at any time.

The Amazons Raid is 40 teams of 3 competitors and 90 teams of 2 competitors.

Recovery link to your inscription file !

Your sign up form 2020

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Constitution of your team

Be advise that each teammate need to fill out this form.



Make sure that before submitting your file, you add our address to your "authorised senders" or to the "white list" of your address book to be sure to receive your registration confirmation that will allow you to modify your details on this form and to print your file. The company ZBO will not be held responsible for any mails you do not receive. Please make sure to note that this form cannot be intended October 2019. Only end of 2020.